Virtual Data Room Pricing Guide & Comparison

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are used by any organization that requires a secure location to store and access important information while also providing structured access among multiple stakeholders from almost any location.

With VDRs being used across such a multitude of different applications, it can be difficult to know which providers are the right choice for your specific needs. Virtual data room prices vary between providers with some of them offering monthly or yearly plans similar to phone companies or internet providers. It’s important to know what you’re being charged for and whether it’s by page, the number of users, storage size, or the duration of the project.

In this data room pricing guide, we’ll present the features and pricing of some of the most popular VDR providers on the market to determine which companies are best for specific purposes and budgets.

Comparing virtual data room pricing

Best forProjectsDataUsersPrice
Professional data room for small and mid-size projects
1 Project +
Up to 10 GB
Unlimited Users
Top-notch data room for large projects or serial dealmakers.
Unlimited Projects
Up to 250 GB
Unlimited Users

Contact the provider for tailored price

Enterprise-grade data room for various business objectives
Unlimited Projects
Up to 1 TB
Unlimited Preparation Period

Contact the provider for tailored price

Best forProjectsDataUsersPrice
Up to 1GB
Unlimited data rooms
Unlimited users

From $624

Up to 4 GB
Unlimited data rooms
Unlimited users

From $1200

4+ GB
Unlimited data rooms
Unlimited users

Contact the provider for tailored price

Best forProjectsDataUsersPrice
50 Workspaces
1 TB Cloud Storage
“200 Total Users $12.50 per additional user”

$12.50 per user/month

200 Workspaces
Unlimited Cloud Storage
1,000 Total Users

$20 per user/month

200 Workspaces
Unlimited Cloud Storage

$500 per month

Best forProjectsDataUsersPrice
Unlimited storage

$15 / $25

Unlimited storage


Box shield

Contact the provider for tailored price

Pricing plans are not available
Pricing plans are not available
Pricing plans are not available

iDeals data room pricing 

iDeals is a well-known virtual data room provider commonly used by investment bankers, lawyers, and corporations for document sharing and M&A transactions. Their pricing structure consists of the following 3 tiers:

Pro: For small and mid-size projects

  • 1 project 
  • 5 administrators 
  • Unlimited users 
  • Flexible storage up to 10GB

Business: For large projects 

  • Unlimited projects 
  • Unlimited administrators 
  • Unlimited users
  • Flexible storage up to 250GB

Enterprise: For multiple business objectives 

  • Unlimited projects 
  • Unlimited administrators 
  • Unlimited preparation period 
  • Flexible storage up to 1 TB

An iDeals Pro plan costs $175 per month when paid monthly and $98 when paid annually. Pricing for the Business and Enterprise plans is currently undisclosed. Quotes are available via the contact form on their website.


  • 30-day free trial
  • 25+ file formats support
  • 24/7 multilingual customer service 
  • Unlimited storage 

Firmex data room pricing 

Firmex claims to open 15,000+ new data rooms every year across thousands of businesses. The platform is used to manage and share sensitive information in a range of industries like financial services, investment banking, and law to name a few. Common purposes include M&A, due diligence, litigation, compliance, and private equity deals.

Firmex doesn’t disclose its pricing information. The official website states that their pricing is flexible and unique with an unlimited subscription or per-use pricing structure.


  • Mobile access 
  • High-quality data security features 
  • Great collaboration functions 
  • Auto-indexing 
  • Free trial
  • Free demo

Intralinks data room pricing 

Intralinks doesn’t officially disclose its pricing information on its website, but we do know that it offers a 30-day free trial and is said to have a starting price of $25 a month.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Dedicated access controls
  • Great collaboration tools
  • Huge library of content
  • Advanced data security
  • Easy document management

Ansarada data room pricing

Ansarada is a popular virtual data room provider used across many industries with an emphasis on providing advanced VDR capabilities for small- to medium-sized businesses. Ansarada is unique because it uses AI and machine learning to identify risks and potential opportunities and optimize processes inherent in anything from due diligence to PE deals.

Ansarada has three pricing plans: 90 degrees Basic, 180 degrees Recommended and 360 degrees Unlimited. The price for a Basic subscription is $39 per month, the prices for the Recommended and Unlimited plans are not currently disclosed.


  • 24/7 support 
  • 14-day free trial 
  • AI and machine learning 
  • Secure file viewer
  • Digital signature function 
  • User-friendly interface 

Merril Datasite pricing 

Datasite is a reputable virtual data room provider known in the industry as the home of due diligence and M&A.

Merril Datasite offers a flexible payment structure and does not disclose any official pricing per plan information.


  • Above average security features 
  • Flexible payment structure 
  • User-friendly platform 
  • Range of different support options 
  • Suitability for due diligence and M&A

SecureDocs data room pricing 

SecureDocs is known worldwide for its range of great features, reasonable price point, and easy setup. It is widely used across multiple industries for anything from M&A to corporate fundraising. 

SecureDocs price for an annual plan is $250 (when billed annually) and $400 a month (when billed quarterly). Volume packages are also available but you need to contact SecureDocs directly for a quote


  • Very affordable price point
  • 24/7 live support
  • Free trial for 3- and 12-month plans
  • 10-minute setup time
  • Strong security features

Onehub data room pricing 

OneHub data room is a user-friendly VDR platform with great collaboration capabilities and a wide spectrum of bank-grade security features.

Standard plan:

$15 per user per month/ $12.50 when billed yearly

  • 200 users
  • 50 workspaces
  • Includes 1TB of cloud storage 
  • Includes 3 paid users + $12.50 per additional user

Advanced plan:

$25 per user per month/ $20 when billed yearly

  • 1000 users 
  • 200 workspaces 
  • Includes unlimited cloud storage 
  • Includes 5 paid users + $20 per additional user 

Data Room Edition:

$375 per user per month/ $300 when billed yearly 

  • 1000 users 
  • 200 workspaces
  • Unlimited cloud storage 
  • Includes 5 paid users + $20 per additional user 

Unlimited Edition:

$575 per user per month/ $500 when billed yearly 

  • Unlimited paid users 
  • Unlimited total users 
  • Unlimited workspaces 
  • Unlimited cloud storage 
  • Unlimited paid users at no extra cost 


  • Great collaboration tools 
  • Customisable branding 
  • Free trial 
  • Employee activity management 
  • Drag and drop 

Imprima data room pricing 

Imprima is a platform known for its comprehensive security features, top-notch document management capabilities, and reasonable VDR pricing structure.

Introductory package:

$250 per month:

  • Includes 1 virtual data room
  • Unlimited number of users 
  • Self-service 
  • 500MG storage + 50c per additional 500MG

Enterprise package:

Undisclosed price:

  • Includes multiple virtual data rooms 
  • an Unlimited number of users 
  • Includes a dedicated project manager 
  • Unlimited storage 

Box data room pricing 

Box online virtual data room provides a dedicated platform for storing of confidential documentation, streamlined file sharing and hassle-free collaboration.

They offer six plans in total. Two plans for individuals and four plans for businesses. Their online data room pricing is as follows: 

Individual plans:

  • Individual (free) 
  • Personal Pro: $10 per month

Business plans: 

  • Starter: $5 per month
  • Business: $15 per month
  • Business Plus: $25 per month
  • Enterprise: requires a quote 


  • Customisable templates 
  • Mobile access 
  • Economical 
  • 24/7 support
  • Free trial (3 days)

Virtual data room pricing structures

Virtual data room providers have different approaches to pricing plans. Each company has its own pricing model that may be based on flat rate pricing or flexible policy. Hence, virtual data room cost for your company will depend on several factors.


Although per-page pricing data room providers go back to the days of the physical data rooms, some VDR companies still use it on a daily basis. 

Prices are charged by the individual A4-sized page at a rate usually somewhere between $0.50 and $ 1.00, with lower rates being offered to larger projects. This pricing structure may be appropriate for smaller projects where there’s a clear idea of the number of pages and documents needed to be uploaded and stored in the VDR. 

This structure wouldn’t be practical for medium to large projects with thousands of pages as it would end up being very expensive.


Per-user means that the company is charging a set amount per individual VDR user, which extra fees being added for each additional license issued. Virtual data room costs per user vary greatly between providers but an approximate fee could be somewhere between $100 and $300 per license. 

This structure could be advantageous for smaller or medium-sized projects with a limited number of users.

Storage size

Some VDR providers use storage size as a metric for determining their fees. This means that they charge by the number of gigabytes a given data room uses. These fees differ depending on the provider but can typically cost up to $100 per gigabyte of storage. 

This pricing structure would be advantageous to projects using smaller file formats or with fewer files in total.

Flat monthly fee

Charging by the month is another very common pricing structure. These plans usually include an allowance of data in GBs, number of users and number of workspaces. Prices can vary greatly depending on the type of package you select. They can cost anything from $5 for the most basic package to $1000 for a more inclusive package aimed at medium to large businesses. 

Choosing a flat monthly fee can be a great way to stay on top of fees while not committing to a subscription that may go beyond the scope of the project.

Flat monthly payment + additional fees

Additional fees may also be charged if you exceed any of the limits included in your chosen monthly package. For example, if your monthly subscription includes 25GB of data storage, you might be charged $1 for every additional 500MB over that allowance. Similarly, if your package includes five paid users, you might be charged $20 for each additional user you add to your subscription.

What pricing structure is best for your needs?

When it comes to deciding which VDR provider is best for your needs, there are a number of different factors you need to consider. It helps to ask yourself the following questions in order to determine your specific needs.

  • How much storage do I require?

It’s good practice to figure out approximately how much storage your project requires. This can greatly affect the amount you pay for a VDR. A small number of simple text documents would require much less storage than what’s needed for a larger project.

  • What types and formats of documents will I be storing?

It’s important to know which file formats you’ll be using to determine which VDR provider to choose (not every type of file may be supported) and to figure out the amount of storage you should be paying for; certain file types can take up significantly more storage than others can.

  • How much am I willing to spend?

Your budget is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing a VDR. It’s important to be aware of any additional fees that may be charged to you if you exceed these limits. Choosing a more premium monthly package for example might be a safer bet in the long run than paying for the additional fees incurred by regularly exceeding your data or user limits.

  • How many members of my team will need access to the VDR?

You need to know which members of your team, and how many of them will be using the VDR. This is because certain packages include specific numbers of users. More user licenses typically come at a greater cost. If only one member of your team requires access to the VDR, it makes no sense to pay for multiple user licenses.

  • Will I need more advanced functions or just a simple platform for storing documents?

Some projects only require the secure storage of files while others need greater functionality like advanced collaboration tools or even a dedicated project manager. Knowing exactly what your project requires will impact the extent to which you adhere to your budget, and ultimately determine the overall success of your project.

  • Will the use of the data room affect your work streams at all?

Some VDR providers offer platforms that can be integrated into your current operating systems. This ensures that workflow remains consistent and that your work streams are negatively impacted by the need to use separate software for your virtual data room.