Box Software

This provider has an unusual background. Box used to be a simple file sharing platform – one of those that were so popular before we got modern messengers that allow us to send files directly to the receiver. But over time, this vendor gained more experience and decided to evolve into a virtual data room provider to offer a more sophisticated service.

While being a file-sharing platform, Box learned how to keep the data perfectly safe and minimize the transfer time. That’s why today its data rooms are one of the fastest and most secure on the market. You will never experience any delays or downtimes using Box. And it’s extremely easy to upload, download, share, and manage files using this service.

Digital workspaces for teams

The modern business world requires companies to be agile. This can be reached only if the team collaborates productively. Box data room offers a digital workplace that will help employees and partners to work together as efficiently as possible. It allows synchronizing all the apps, content, and participants so they can work with everything in one place.

Using Box, team members can comment on files and assign tasks directly from the document. Also, you can share the content with external parties and create custom workflows to accelerate processes. Moreover, thanks to machine learning, Box shows a user only the most relevant content allowing them to access required documents much faster.

Box is compatible with any device and offers both apps and a web-based platform. No matter what gadget you’re using to access the data room, all the documents remain totally safe thanks to the 256-bit encryption.

This solution is suitable for teams from all the fields – from finance to sales, from marketing to legal. Box has all the required certificates so that you won’t have issues with compliance. Thus, you can use this virtual data room to improve teamwork and collaborate with third-parties without worrying about regulations.

Box features

This provider implemented artificial intelligence into the software to offer customers more insights and automated workflows. We have already mentioned the latter – machine learning creates custom feeds for users so that they can quickly access the required information. But the insights are something that deserves a bit more detailed description.

Box Skills is a framework that utilizes all the best artificial intelligence practices so that the data room can extract the most valuable information for you. This tool will label images for you and transcribe speech into the text format. The AI understands natural language and can work with your content efficiently without you lifting a finger for things to happen. All this helps participants to find the information they need much faster, accelerating the deal and reducing the possibility of data leaks.

This framework will evolve, studying your needs to help you get the most out of the data room. Moreover, developers can use Box Skills Kit to bring their own algorithms to the VDR or build new Skills. This makes Box an ultimate tool of the future that can become your key to success.


Free Trial: 3 days

Founded: 2005

Storage: 5 GB

Users: 20