iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals is one of the youngest data room providers on the market. Yet, it’s one of the best as well. It’s comparatively hard to find another vendor that offers as many features as iDeals does along with an easy to use interface and affordable prices.

The variety of functions makes this virtual data room suitable for different needs, from basic due diligence to complex IPOs, and other kinds of deals. Also, iDeals will be a good fit for any business regardless of its area of activity. The data room has all the required certificates to be sufficient even for such highly secure fields as Biotech.

Keep your data perfectly safe

The primary reason why businesses decide to use data rooms is that this software is much more secure than generic cloud repositories. Therefore, the provider must ensure impeccable security for its customers. And iDeals succeeds in this mission by creating several layers of protection.

First of all, your sensitive data is protected by 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit keys, both while being transferred and while resting in the repository. It’s virtually impossible to intercept the connection or hack the data room. So even if you don’t use any other additional security features, your data is very safe regardless.

To offer businesses even more protection, iDeals provides them with numerous functions that allow users to take control of their security. Using this virtual data room, you will have custom watermarks that protect your documents from unauthorized use. Also, there is a Fence View feature that safeguards the data from camera-based attacks. The Secure Spreadsheet Viewer will help you protect Excel files by not allowing unauthorized individuals to manipulate numbers and formulas.

Since most data leaks happen due to a human error, iDeals implemented 2-step authentication that will require a user to enter not only the login data but an SMS code that is sent upon logging in to their mobile phone. Additionally, the administrator of the data room can restrict access for other users by the time limit and IP address, as well as determine the levels of access for every member of the VDR. Finally, the administrator can see the activity of all users on a page-by-page basis – this feature is present only in iDeals data rooms.

Accelerate deals

Besides keeping your data secure, iDeals will help you close deals successfully much faster. The data room automatically numbers the documents and applies settings to them. Thanks to smart filters and advanced keyword search, all parties can effortlessly find the required files and download or print them in bulk if needed. Data centers of iDeals are located in different countries to make sure all users get maximum bandwidth working with documents.

Third-parties will find the Q&A section to be useful as they can get answers to their questions there. And the owner of the VDR can receive valuable insights from detailed reports and statistics iDeals offers. The graphs are good-looking and easy to understand and can be used for improving the strategy for future deals.


Free Trial: 30 days

Founded: 2008

Storage: Unlimited

Users: Unlimited