iDeals Virtual Data Room

The market of data rooms in Canada is rather vast. But iDeals holds its position of the top-rated and secure data room provider since 2008: almost 10 years of operation make the vendor evoke trust and respect. No one would question the decision to team up with this provider as the representatives of Fortune 1000 do not hesitate before entrusting their destinies into the arms of iDeals VDR. Making the focus on the large-scale projects the company collaborates with approximately 4,000 clients involved in varied operation areas – biotech, real estate, fundraising, etc. Hence, the virtual data room software proves to be equally efficient for the exploitation within unlike industries. To find out whether the venue is the one, any potential client can sign up for a trial period that lasts for two months and costs nothing.

Plenty of data room reviews available online may give a customer an overall impression of what iDeals data room is on practice. And the first thing commonly emphasized is the multi-layered security guaranteed by the vendor:

  • It is required to pass two stages of identity verification to enter the room;
  • All the files contain time stamps that indicate when it was saved or printed;
  • Due to “Fence View” feature it is impossible to work with the files on the devices of unauthorized individuals;
  • No virus would remain unnoticed owing to the regular scanning.

An additional dimension of protection is guaranteed by activity logs: these files disclose all the actions that took place inside the room. Hence, administrators follow each step of the visitors. Moreover, they may manage the rights of the visitors and prevent them from performing certain actions: the right to print files might be withdrawn or the access to particular folders blocked. Owing to this option, administrators may create functional and thematic clusters inside the venue and utilize it for several purposes at once.

One more aspect that makes the vendor stand out of virtual data room providers is its treatment of the users: the environment is designed in the way which guarantees the most comfy and painless work. As no plug-ins are required the room can be entered via all browsers and devices. And the mobile app helps to take the work outside the office. The interface can be customized and prepared in one of the multiple languages. Moreover, the customer support is also multi-lingual.

The company teams up with the wide range of businessmen and it prepared to adjust to their requirements. Hence, three types of subscription are on offer and each client may choose the one that corresponds with the project.