Ansarada Data Room

This provider will be a good choice for those who are looking for a tool to manage Merger and Acquisitions, post-acquisition integrations, audits, and other business processes that involve documents and several participants. Even though this data room is suitable for various needs, the interface remains quite simple and easy to use. You can also integrate Ansarada with other business tools you’re already using to streamline the processes and make the workflow more efficient and smooth.

A hidden gem

While this data room provider might seem rather simplistic at first glance, it has a hidden advantage – a built-in artificial intelligence tool. For some reason, Ansarada appears to be very subtle about it, while other vendors that have AI prefer to tell everyone all about it. Ansarada’s artificial intelligence tool can automate document management, relieving you from mundane, monotonous tasks. Also, it will fetch you the data about the behavior of third-parties allowing you to feather their intentions.

Ansarada has other features to be proud of besides artificial intelligence – this might be the reason for them not shoving the AI feature in your face. However, it is the only unique tool of this virtual data room. All other functions are rather basic, yet they’re beneficial.

Security and simplicity

These are the things Ansarada is focused on. The protection of its data room is extremely reliable thanks to the military-grade encryption. You can be sure your sensitive corporate files remain secure on every step of the deal. Besides that, you can control the access other users have to your virtual data room and track their activity. And once you spot something suspicious, you can activate the self-destruction of a particular file regardless of where it is saved. The reports Ansarada offers catch every single action of each user, providing you with complete information.

This virtual data room is not just safe but very easy to use as well. It has an intuitive design with all the features organized nicely. So even if you’re using Ansarada for the very first time, you quite likely won’t encounter any issues. All functions are very straightforward, and it’s effortless to take a grasp of them quickly. And since you can sync your data room with other cloud platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive, it will be easy for you to transfer the data.

Your current and potential partners will appreciate the opportunity to leave comments on documents and the fact that all the participants of the data room receive notifications once someone comments something. Also, there is a Q&A section that supports Excel files and can be integrated with emails to streamline the workflow.

Flexible pricing

Choosing to pay for Ansarada annually, you can save up to 60%, so consider sticking to annual plans. This provider offers three packages that should cover all the needs of a business from most basic to advanced ones. Therefore, you can choose the option that fits you and not overpay for the features you don’t need. Also, you can ask Ansarada to build a custom solution for you.


Free Trial: 14 days

Founded: 2005

Storage: -

Users: Limited