About us

Data-room.ca is a portal dedicated to the investigation and discussion of virtual data rooms in Canada. As the VDR sphere is dynamic and expands quickly, a clear and up-to-date guide through it is necessary. We take the burden of explorers and inspect the offers regularly to identify new players and to verify abilities of the most experienced vendors. The data gained allows us to perform a meticulous virtual data room comparison and to come up with meaningful and informative virtual data room reviews.

Qualified and unbiased experts share their thoughts with us so that we can make an in-depth overview of precise vendors or of the industry trends in general. Although we make the focus on data room providers in Canada the findings we share may come in handy not only for Canadian deal-makers as data room services are available worldwide.

By analyzing data room providers we keep on building the informative platform which helps businessmen to stay tuned and to follow the latest trends immanent to the VDR market. The insight into the latest technologies simplifying data safekeeping, control, and exchange allows more efficient and productive performance of businessmen and other potential users of data rooms.

Our Goals and Mission

In our work, we stay stick to three main goals:

  • to investigate and to detect the best players in the VDR market;
  • to analyze virtual data room providers and to make their peculiarities and imperfections evident;
  • to consult businessmen and the representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

We work on the creation of the extended database which contains the overviews of data room providers in Canada and depicts their main traits. With the help of the knowledge we possess, we guide potential purchasers through the vast field of possibilities offered by virtual data rooms and help them to make the most satisfactory and affordable choice consciously. We believe that the deep knowledge of cloud technologies and the comprehension of secure data room services improve the performance of the users and allow them to cooperate with VDR vendors more effectively. So, we encourage potential clients to expand their expertise and to follow the latest trends in the VDR industry. At the same time, we dare to come up with our own critical vision of the situation in the market: we state our position concerning certain innovations and tendencies so that new industry standards can be formed. If you have any questions, please contact us.