Intralinks Dealspace

Intralinks exists since 1996 and is one of the most popular vendors that offers virtual data rooms among its other products. This provider has a well-deserved good name and is trusted by many large and famous corporations. While it’s a rather good indicator of quality service, everything we have mentioned about Intralinks already allows this provider to set rather high prices for its services.

While you would expect some unique features since the price is higher than the average on the market, Intralinks doesn’t offer anything you won’t meet using cheaper data rooms. So it’s only up to you whether you want to pay more for the service of the same quality or not.

There are three packages suited for different needs – from basic to advanced – so that small, medium, and large companies can get what they need without paying too much. The most basic plan will suit you up with generic data room features. And if you need more tools, you can use additional modules. That’s quite a good solution as it allows you to keep the interface free from the functions you are not using.

Although such a flexible approach to the features ends right there. If you want to customize your data room with your company’s branding, Intralinks is not for you because this provider doesn’t allow customization. So there are no custom domains, interfaces, and even access agreements. This is quite upsetting, especially considering the high price. Nonetheless, this doesn’t bring down the value of Intralinks much because it offers all the features necessary for a successful deal.

Improved dashboard

Just recently Intralinks rolled out its new data room dashboard that allows seeing right away a lot of useful information such as:

  • What are the contract terms (quantity, periods, billing metrics)
  • Daily usage of the data room
  • Detailed billing data
  • The current usage of the data room
  • Usage over a certain period

This dashboard is available in the mobile app as well, so you will have just as much information using your smartphone as you would if you were using a desktop device.

Streamlined processes

You can set up and access the Intralinks data room in just minutes and add users in a blink of an eye. The built-in artificial intelligence will help you analyze and manage the documents to make the due diligence process more efficient. Even the document approval and publishing is streamlined and takes only one click. Also, you can get all things ready and only then put them online so that third-parties get the full picture right away.

The data room can be accessed from any device and is available 24/7. Therefore, you can be sure that no one ever will experience issues trying to review the documents. This will keep the workflow smooth and accelerate the deal.

Finally, the business can receive insights by reviewing the reports that contain information about the activity of users. You can see what documents they access and for how long they review them. This data can help you make better data-driven decisions and plan out deals better in the future.


Free Trial: 30 days

Founded: 1996

Storage: Unlimited

Users: Unlimited