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Multi-factor Verification in VDRs || April 2019

When you make a decision to open a virtual repository and to fill it with gigabytes of confidential and highly important data you expect the storage to be secure. Even if the information you store inside the room is not that sensitive, it is unpleasant and disturbing to think that […]

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How to Simplify Fundraising Deals with Virtual Rooms

It is a rare practice when a company functions without the involvements from any external sources. For sure, such businesses exist and their owners may be successful and independent. But in the era when startups turned into a dream of any somehow talented person, the ability to build productive relationships […]

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Virtual Platforms

Applying Virtual Platforms to Science Purposes

Initially, a virtual data room was a service developed to facilitate and speed up M&A transactions. Deal-makers who valued their resources were in a search of a technology that could have minimized the time required for due diligence. And, eventually, they managed: in a contrary to land-based repositories, their virtual […]

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VDR cloud

Your Business Needs a VDR || December 2018

Just a few years ago VDR cloud storages were tools with pretty unclear function. Why do you need to store your data in the ephemeral cloud if you can keep the files on internal servers or in tangible papers? Why would you share information via some room if you can […]

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Key Reasons to Set Up a Deal Room || October 2018

Virtual data room services have emerged a few decades ago. Before VDRs entered the deal-making market businessmen had to utilize physical repositories in case they wanted to share certain documents with their partners, employees, investors, or any other stakeholders. Under the circumstances when no other options were available, a physical […]

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data storage

How to Deal with Multiple Users inside a Data Room

When you open a virtual room you expect it to be exploited by numerous users. Even though virtual data rooms are thought to be utilized mainly for collaboration during cross-company deals, these repositories are convenient tools for management of cooperation inside the company too. It means that you may set […]

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VDR costs

Why Do VDR Costs Vary?

If you have already checked a few providers that operate in the data room market you may have noticed that the prices are different even though the products seem to be similar. To understand why VDR costs vary you should pay attention to five characteristics that underlie the price of […]

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virtual data room

How Virtual Deal Room Helps To Make A Deal More Profitable

The primary concern of any businessman is the profit he gets when the project is over. Virtual rooms help them to reduce the anxiety and fulfill their intentions: when exploiting a VDR you know that you did everything that depended on you to increase the value of an ongoing deal. […]

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physical data rooms

The Switch From Physical to Cloud-Based Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms are relatively new services that found favor in the eyes of deal-makers rapidly. However, just a few decades ago no one could have dreamt of the functionality and security offered by modern virtual platforms – whenever businessmen had to share some documents they were using the services […]

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Q&A – the Underestimated Tool of a VDR

When deal-makers undertake a decision to set up a VDR room they usually think about the data protection. Indeed, as lots of sensitive and confidential files are to be exchanged in a course of a deal the instruments guaranteeing the safety of information are the key focus of businessmen. However, […]

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