What Is a Virtual Data Room?

Virtual data room is a comparatively new service that emerged as an answer to new demands voiced by deal-makers. In the context of business performance, a certain degree of safety and comfort is required. Emails prove to be not safe enough for the exchange of confidential documents while a physical data room lacks convenience. Not that long time ago data room providers came up with an idea on how to offer a brand new type of storage within the dimension of cloud technologies. At that moment freemium services have been already widespread and users exploited them for a variety of purposes. Anyway, virtual data rooms differ from usual repositories in terms of price, functionality, and safety.

Virtual data room providers offer the environment suitable not for simple storage of family photos – VDRs are equipped with military-level safety tools and prove to be good enough for complex cross-national deals. And we may speak not exclusively about M&A deals as there is no deal that does not require due diligence. Thus, a certain number of files must be shared between a deal participants one way or another. Commonly, deal-makers prefer to avoid time-consuming and often irritating meetings aimed at the exchange of the documents: they would rather upload their files to a secure data room than attend any appointments.

Indeed, a virtual data room is a place where all the relevant files are being exposed – papers depicting financial performance, company’s background, multiple reports, etc. Being exploited for the cooperation between two players (companies, organizations, governments, etc.), VDRs provide them with the safe and highly functional environment where they can work productively.

A quick virtual data room comparison would show that the VDRs are not identical and that each vendor has something special on offer, concentrates on a particular type of deals, or pays attention to certain functions. As the creation of the decent platform requires multiple specific skills this branch of cloud technologies develops separately and breeds niche specialists whose job is to work on improvement of the instruments and VDR tools that already exist. Hence, we can say that VDRs are an innovative technology that is being improved on a daily basis in order to become more helpful for deal-making.

The constant confrontation with PDRs

There is the easiest way to understand what a virtual data room is – to contrast it with traditional analog data rooms. The latter served deal-makers for decades and helped thousands of projects to happen. However, the times when land-based repositories were the main channel for data exchange are gone. Today, virtual data room providers occupy the niche to offer a new type of data room services.

Virtual data rooms are cloud-based so that they are not tied to any precise location. In contrast to physical data rooms, VDRs give businessmen more freedom of action as they do not require personal arrival. Moreover, one virtual data room can be a platform for meetings with diverse categories of stakeholders. It means that an owner can open one platform and exploit it for multiple activities as each verified visitor gains access to the files he is expected to see while the rest of the documents are hidden. And there should be no fear that someone unwanted would break into the room: only the people who are invited can visit the platform and access the data. Being rather secure, data room is characterized by the constant supervision of an administrator who carefully monitors all the actions that take place inside. Moreover, digital rights management helps administrators limit the actions of certain users in order to ensure the required degree of data protection. Depending on the permission type the one may be restricted in terms of copying files, printing, etc.

All in all, the data room software performs identical functions as a land-based data room. But numerous virtual data room reviews would tell you that the level of functionality and convenience you get is far higher when you go digital and move your deals to the virtual space.

Virtual data room is your best assistant

After exploiting the data room services, you are unlikely to break your cooperation with a vendor: the pluses brought by a data room eliminate possible imperfections and doubts. To gain the experience highly appreciated by VDR users you must find the right data room providers and choose one of them. There are plenty of virtual data rooms in Canada, so you are not expected to face multiple obstacles on your way to the perfect deal room. Generally, data room providers in Canada do not differ significantly from the vendors you may cooperate within other regions. Hence, you may boldly read virtual data room reviews and perform virtual data room comparison. Whenever you are done evaluating aspects of appealing data rooms you are expected to check if it is active in Canada – and your new assistant would be ready to please you.