When deal-makers undertake a decision to set up a virtual data room they usually think about the data protection. Indeed, as lots of sensitive and confidential files are to be exchanged in a course of a deal the instruments guaranteeing the safety of information are the key focus of businessmen. However, for a successful outcome of your project, you need not only to keep the relevant files in a secure repository but also to discuss them with the other participants of the deal. While secure document sharing is ensured by multiple tools offered by virtual data room providers, communication is still perceived as the additional function of any data room service. Some deal-makers keep on thinking that face-to-face meetings and interaction via email are the best solutions they have. However, they are wrong.

Q&A section is a tool which you lack as it guarantees quick, meaningful, and productive interaction between the VDR users. Generally, the section gives all the deal participants a chance to ask questions and to discuss documents within the platform: all the questions and answers are linked to particular documents. Hence, you do not need to make any additional moves or use any extra services to establish the dialogue with any visitor of a data room.

Benefits You Will Experience with Q&A in your vdr room

To understand why the questions and answers section is crucially important for the wise and smooth execution of any project you should pay attention to the main advantages it provides the deal-makers with:

  • Smooth interaction between the deal participants

Whenever new messages or comments appear on the branch users get immediate notifications. Hence, the flow of communication seems to be rather smooth and natural.

  • Quick replies

Being notified within seconds, users have an opportunity to react almost instantly to new information and to maintain the uninterrupted conversation with each other.

  • Better informed deal

As all the authorized users are allowed to ask the questions and participate in the discussion multi-sided aspects of a particular document can be clarified. Eventually, a VDR room contains not only the initial file but also the discussion linked to the document and the users can get more in-depth information on the data uploaded to the room.

  • The possibility to concentrate on the real buyers

The most engaged bidders are usually more active during discussions as they are interested in finding out as much information about the company’s performance as possible. Hence, the room administrators can detect the enthusiasts and focus on communication with them. As the result, the deal can be accomplished sooner and with the more desirable outcome.

  • No need to make an arrangement to discuss deal-related issues

The VDR is not tied to any precise place. Therefore, it allows all the users to communicate with each other regardless their geographical location. It means that any document or aspect of the deal can be discussed online via Q&A section and no business trips or face-to-face negotiations are expected to take place. Hence, the deal participants can save their time and money.

  • Cybersecurity

Today the risk of being attacked by hackers is unprecedentedly high. The majority of attacks are launched via emails and programs for instant message exchange. But Q&A module is not similar to regular emails as it is protected with all the tools that guarantee the safety of the entire virtual data room. Therefore, when deal-makers discuss the project via Q&A section they do not have to worry about external intrusions.

It is easy to notice that Q&A module eliminates lots of inconveniences and risks related to traditional ways of interaction such as emails. For sure, the use of the module is only the matter of preference: if you do not like the way it functions you may stop utilizing it. But the advantages it brings are hard to deny: when exploiting Q&A module you save lots of time and efforts.